Look after your premises with care, leaving the place in the same condition as you started with.

Pay the correct amount of your rent on time.

Advise your property manager when people move in or out of your place, especially those that are noted on the lease.

Keep a good relationship with your property manager.

Have pride in the place you live. Help keep the common areas tidy; every bit you can do to help will be greatly appreciated by others.

Clean the property at the end of your lease, leaving it in good condition.

Do not intentionally damage the property

Keep all records of discussions, agreements and costs associated with your lease.

Do not sublease the premises without the landlords or property managers consent

Do not keep pets without consent.

Look out for the care of neighbours goods and property. Apart from being a good Samaritan, your neighbours are a good chance to become good friends of yours, and you never know when you will need a hand.

If you have any accidents or cause for damage to the property, be honest and tell your property manager. This will allow better repairs and service to you whilst giving the owner every chance to claim on their insurance if they intend to do so.

Owners and property managers are entitled to arrange inspections, as noted in the lease, so being cooperative will be greatly appreciated and sure to act in your favour when you need something.

Observe the safety and health of other tenants. Removing rubbish, not blocking fire stairs and cleaning up spills caused by you are some examples of 'doing your bit'.

Respect the peace and quiet desires of your neighbours, especially when having parties. Unit complexes invite a tight knit community, so remember also that people work different hours and noise travels.

Be aware of the 'repairs policy, ask the property manager what this should be. Make sure you report needed repairs and follow the process required, without spending money or authorising repairs or alterations without approval.








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